Thursday, February 23, 2017

Middle Age Ninja

I am middle age. I'm 47. No longer am I the hot twenty year old that guys turn around and look at. I am invisible. 

My body is no longer youthful. My boobs are  lower than they used to be. My stomach is a little more round and the lines around my eyes, a little deeper. 

In my twenties I took my body for granted. It was tiny, it was fit, it could put up with the abuse I gave it. I would go out, dance the night away and drink like a fish. I was a party girl. 

In my thirties my body began to revolt. No longer was I fit. I couldn't stay out all night long and bounce back like I used to. The drinking and bad eating caught up with me and it showed. 

In my early forties I looked in the mirror and began to not care. "That is the way you are supposed to be at forty," I kept trying to convince myself. Tired, unhealthy, worn out. 

Now I am in my late forties and my body is finally in a good place. I no longer care about getting overlooked. My body is my own. I am healthy for me. I am not that tiny little girl worried about getting attention. I am not that unhealthy forty year old just getting by. I am myself. I am not perfect, but I  feel beautiful. I am still overlooked and I am absolutely okay with that. My body is my own. My confidence is one hundred percent because of me. I am a middle aged ninja. No one suspects a "mom" type to be a force to be reckoned with. That is power, that is my body, that is who I am. A force. 

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